Phi Phi Island – Yes everyone goes there.

Phi Phi Island is one of the most popular places in Thailand. While I enjoy the more off the road places, I can easily see why this place is so popular. It has some of the most scenic places you will ever see in the world. Yes, it is a tourist trap, and if you go there you will be surrounded by a million other tourists just like you, but make no mistake it is still definitely worth it. I suggest everyone that comes to Thailand make the effort to go there.


Phi Phi Island

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Phi Phi Island can be found just off the coast of Phuket Island on the west coast of Thailand. There are several ways to get there, but the most popular is on a day tour from the main land. I suggest actually spending a few nights here, to get to know it a bit better. The main advantage of staying over night is that if you get up nice and early you will be able to go to some of those beautiful beaches by yourself before all the tour groups get there. While the beaches are still great during the day, they are infinitely better when there are only a few people around and you aren’t fighting for a place on the beach to put your towel.


Phi Phi Island - Whole Island


Some people that have stayed over night have told me that they don’t like it because the only food they can find is over priced touristy food. I tell them that they mustn’t be looking hard enough! I have stayed 5 nights all up on Phi Phi Island and have never had a problem finding any food for myself that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. The best way is to ask a local (as in most places in the world). Find out where they shop. They bring fruit and vegetables in on boats every morning, perfect for any Paleo Recipe Book if you like a healthy diet, and if you get there early enough you will be able to get the freshest food.

People also complain about that the island doesn’t seem to have comfortable beds. You definitely get what you pay for here. If you don’t want some dodgy sunken bed that has more dead skin cells than cemetery, then pay the extra $10 a night for an upgrade.

Phi Phi Island - Beach


While on Phi Phi Island you need to go to several of the remote beaches. The water is crystal clear and beaches are a stunning white. And then there is the backdrop of jagged mountains. It’s just stunning. It’s honestly some of God’s best work. I found the best beaches to be Secret Beach, Ao Poh, Maya Bay and of course Maya Bay (which is probably the most famous, and hence the most crowded).

Monkey Beach is very cool, but just be careful. Those monkeys are wild and I have seen on more than one occasion someone being bitten or scratched. I remember one child who ran up to a monkey making monkey sounds. The parents were then surprised that the monkey attacked him and tried to blame the tour operators. This is after the tour director gave numerous warnings before we got there, and actually said children should stay on the boat. And they wonder why people complain about tourists!

Monkey attacks aside this is a must do for anyone that is visiting Phuket. It is just a slice of heaven.


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