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Phi Phi Island – Yes everyone goes there.

Phi Phi Island is one of the most popular places in Thailand. While I enjoy the more off the road places, I can easily see why this place is so popular. It has some of the most scenic places you will ever see in the world. Yes, it is a tourist trap, and if you […]

Difficulties in Shopping for Food in Thailand for a Westerner

Every country has it’s differences. If they didn’t they would get pretty boring. You don’t want to travel somewhere only to find exactly the same thing there as you would have back home. In whatever country you find yourself in you are going to be overwhelmed with difference. As much as anything this applies to […]

Stunning Beaches of Thailand – Part 1 – The Gulf

Thailand is famous for it’s beaches and it’s easy to see why. There are countless beaches with pristine white sand and beautiful blue water that surround this beautiful country.  Add to that the warm weather in Thailand and you have a perfect recipe for going to the beach. I thought I would hand select my […]

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